Our Mascots:

Since 2003 we've had site mascots ^_^. It started with Fumi, the school girl who can transform into demon or angel forms and her chibi fairy, Lily. Back in 2008 after adding the anime store to the fan site, we added Yumi, the shrine maiden...since well...this is Chuck's Anime Shrine. With Yumi we added the Chuck doll, a special doll connected to the spirits of the shrine; not certain if he is friend or foe. Thomas (not pictured)..if Fumi's love interest Danielle came up with way back in 2003. More of their back story in future (as any errors might be corrected by Danielle ^^;;...and a future video game & manga might do the talking for them) .

Thanks again to our fan artists for the amazing pictures. Submit your own and you might see them here.

Fumi Kobayashi:

Angel Formangel Fumi

School Girl form

fumi schoolgirl form

Demon Form

demon Fumi

Original pictures by me (circa 2002-2003)

fumi angel fumidevil fumi





Chuck Doll

Chuck Doll


Thomas (not pictured...yet)


Danielle's Original Drawings


Mascot Fan Art

By Eefi

angel fumi eefidemon Fumi

By Kenneos

By Tommy E.


Fumi by kadacho


(can't seem to find the email of who sent me this one ^^;;)

By Alexander R.

By Alexandra J.

By Hong Zhang

Main Fumi, Yumi, Lily Images by Kenneos; Main Chuck Doll image by Tommy E


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