Thanks to, you can listen to music I've mixed up for you all here. Below you can still find music and sound clip downloads that have been here since the site's start ^_^


Anime Music / J-Pop News


Final FantasyX (DJ Liquid Trance Rave Mix)

Final Fantasy 7 (Remix)

Final Fantasy X: "Fight With Seymour"

"Shooting Star" (DDR Remix)


Sailor Moon Opening 1

"We Gotta Power" (DBZ)

"White Reflection" (Gundam Wing)

Download them here


Ryooki Meowing (Tenchi)

Ryoko talking to herself (Tenchi)

Ryoko "I told you."(Tenchi)

Ryoko "...battle lost..."(Tenchi)

Relina speeks about her brother (Gundam Wing)

Pan's Twin Energy Ball attack (DBGT)

Naga and Lina (Slayers)

Chibi Chibi Moon "Thank You"-japanese (Sailor Moon)

Akane "...pervert..." (Ranma1/2)

Jun Jun speech-japanese

Download here

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